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Elephant Interaction

We offer our day visitors a 3 hour experience with Elephants consisting of the following activities:


Elephant Grooming: Visitors can watch Elephants been given a scrub-bath in the River and also watch how oil is applied on their forehead, tusks and other aspects of Elephant grooming.

Elephant feeding: Visitors can watch the food being prepared for the Elephants and how they are fed.

Commands: The Mahouts will then demonstrate the various commands the Elephants can obey. This can be vividly portrayed by making Elephants perform some mock logging operations.

Naturalist: While visitors are going through all these activities, a Naturalist will explain to them about all aspects of Elephant ecology, history, conservation etc. The visitor’s interaction with Elephants will be as participatory as possible. Further, a leaflet giving interesting information on the same will be given to visitors.


Coracle Ride: Visitors have an option of going on a coracle boat ride (native boats, circular in shape made of bamboo and hide) on the River Cauvery.

Monsoon River Rafting: During the months of July, Aug and September, JLR River rafts on the River Cauvery along the stretch adjacent to the Elephant Camp. Run by John Pollard and his team, rafting on the Cauvery – a gorgeous yet wild river during the rains, is an exhilarating experience.

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